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We connect Law and Mediation

Marital Property Division

Inheritance Division

Company-Trainee Mediation

We connect Law and Mediation

We are Mediation office, with office in Vienna, specialised in family disputes. Our objective is the division of marital property in the course of and after the divorce, as well the division of estate during inheritance proceedings.

We also do Lehrlingsmediation.

We have legal background, but we do not provide legal counselling since our mediation position would thus be compromised by the conflict of interests with several parties in mediation.

As mediators we do not want to take sides and thus we encourage our clients to take an attorney who accompanies the client in mediation and provides legal support.

The task of attorney is also to create the settlement.

Our task is to assist in the finding of good and satisfactory solution for all parties.

We are happy if we manage to improve your human relations or to preserve them as good as they were. However, as lawyers, we are well aware that quarrels and conflicts can be very hard and thus our objective is not your conciliation, but primarily finding good economic and legal solution.

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Mediation Office Adler
1190 Wien, Billrothstr 86/2

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  • Cellphone: +43 664 44 000 40
    +385 91 566 9667
  • Foreign Languages: German, English, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian and Slovenian

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  • Attendance at professional conferences
  • Membership in professional associations
  • Experience exchange with legal professionals
  • Keeping up-to-date with professional law literature.
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