About us


What do we stand for?

We are focused on relationships within a family. The members of our mediation team know from their experience that every big change occurring within a family (for example divorce, distribution of property, death, distribution of inheritance …) causes anxiety, uncertainty and stress. But it need not be that way; we think that everyone is entitled to happy and fulfilled life. Thus, we believe that through our comprehensive mediation engagement we can make our clients aware of and support them in their effort to live through the mentioned situations with positive emotions. For us, business success is to see our clients passing through significant life changes with our assistance and continue leading successful & quality lives.

How do we work?

We deploy mediation procedure in a way that it puts the family members around the same table and initiates peaceful, calm and quality conversation. For some families this is the first opportunity for the family members to talk calmly and considerately with each other, and yet with our assistance as mediators, who expertly moderates the conversation.

What do we do?

We lead clients through mediation procedure during which, assisted by us as a mediators, the clients seek for quality resolution of their disagreements/lack of understanding/conflicts and alike, with a view to reach quality resolutions for continuation of successful life of all members of the family.

The experience has shown that resolving problems and misunderstandings through mediation is not the sign of weakness but a smart decision:

Mediation it is not a sign of weakness, but a smart decision.”

Or in short:

“It will cost less, take less time and You will like it more.”