About Vlatka Adler

About Mag. Vlatka Adler, Mediator

Mag. Vlatka Adler has been mediator since 2010. Mag. Adler was first trained for mediator in Zagreb/Croatia at the Croatian Mediation Centre (HUM). In the past 9 years, Mag. Adler has attended numerous additional mediation trainings in Croatia and Austria.

Mag. Adler has attended training in Austrian law also, but her role as mediator is neutral and impartial, excluding any legal counselling.

Mag. Adler is a Croatian attorney with 17 years of experience in law practice; in 2007 she has opened her own law office. Since the beginning of her law career, Mag. Adler has advised and represented many parties of the German speaking area, in particular from Germany and Austria. At the time, she was focused more on commercial law and company law, but after her divorce in 2014, Mag. Adler has focused almost exclusively to family law and inheritance law. Her personal experience has revealed to Mag. Adler the unknown depth of divorce issues understanding.

In 2014, together with her business partner, Mag. Adler has founded the Wassermann Group. The primary activity of the company was counselling of family companies relative to the transfer of business from older to younger generation, as well as the use of mediation as one of the means for conflict resolution in family companies. In 2015 and 2016, Wassermann Group has organised two WG Conferences and one WG Forum on the following topics:

  • WG Conference ”Mediation in family entrepreneurship – special overview of the transfer of business from older to younger generation“, April 2015
  • WG Forum, “Prevention of conflict in family companies”, November 2015.
  • WG Conference „Mediation in family entrepreneurship – transfer of business from older to younger generation“, April 2016.

Mag. Adler also comes from entrepreneurship family. She grew up with family company, and the company was the part of the family. Later on, in the process of business transfer, the firm was taken by the sister of Mag. Adler . This personal experience has also contributed to her better understanding of relations in family companies.

Today, after 17 years in law practice and 9 years in mediation, with special focus on family law and inheritance law, Mag. Adler sees family problems through special glasses. With deep understanding of how hard the man can be burdened with described issues, Mag. Adler finds mediation of great importance, as the method and process that can ease the resolution of problems.

Why is that?

Family problems are charged with strong emotions and personal interests. The court is not the place or the moment to show these emotions. But the mediation is. The right place with enough time. Plus firm legal support from one’s own attorney.

The life of Mag. Adler is also pretty much guided by emotions. It is well shown in her decision to move to Austria, following her love with Austrian mediator from Vienna.